Team Weeeeehoo was the best team with captain seamoose and others ripperino

Players Edit

Active Edit

Hometown Summoner ID Name Role
usa Tenoia Geoffrey C. Top
Richmond, Virginia Lotte Ryan W. Jungle
Manassas, Virginia Thaiyee Ty D. Mid
Biloxi, Mississippi Wolly Nammoth Nam P. ADC
Oakton, Virginia Amazn12 Li-Chang W. Support

Former Edit


Summoner ID



USA TallMagik Brian M. MId/Sub
Richmond, Virginia Eisenheim (aka Katastrophee) Brian F. Top/Sub
USA Cableman127 Tri Le Top/ADC/Sub
Manassas, Virginia Relativity101 George S. Jungle
Richmond, Virginia Dslycix Kevin L. ADC/Sub

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